The Voting Rights Alliance will be manning a non-partisan Election Protection Command Center on election day where voters can report any problems with voting technology or access to the polls. 

Command Center Location:
Transformative Justice Coalition
1150 Connecticut Avenue, Suite 900
Washington DC



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For more information on voting rights visit: 4votingrights.com



This issue of vote-flipping on touch screen voting machines is now being seen in a number of counties in Texas, Georgia and North Carolina. Please note this problem of electronic machine miscalibration is being alleged to favor both Democrats and Republicans.  The bottom line is that electronic machines do sometimes fail from miscalibration and that leaves serious issues of voter confidence and vote accuracy when there isn't a paper trail.  

Here are the steps voters can take when this problem is encountered. 

1.  Always double check your ballot before casting it to ensure that your vote is reflected accurately.

If you are trying to vote and the machine flips your vote:

First:  Ask for a poll worker to fix the machine to record your vote correctly:

Second:  If the poll worker can't fix the machine:
    A.  Request a "regular paper ballot" (not a provisional ballot);
    B.  Demand that the malfunctioning machine be taken off-line;

Third: Call the Election Protection Hotline and report the problem immediately: 202-536-5400.  

Fourth:  Share your story by sending us a video or email to barnwine@tjcoalition.org.  

Long range, we need to have voting systems based on paper ballots or electronic systems which produce a verified paper receipt which accurately reflects each citizen's vote and can be used to verify vote accuracy.  

For more voting information see: 4votingrights.org.

Remember to VOTE!!


Recent studies reveal that voter suppression laws and manipulations in over 30 states could stop up to 3 million people from accessing the ballot in competitive states in the general election. This affects mostly communities of color, students, seniors, women, people with disabilities, and low income citizens. In seventeen states these tactics will first take effect in the 2016 elections. Disturbing trends—from five hour lines in Arizona’s Maricopa County to denied ballot access in Wisconsin and North Carolina—are already evident.  

Additionally, authorities nationwide are tabulating election results on insecure, decades-old voting machines. These malfunctioning machines are often placed in minority districts, creating long waiting lines and forcing use of provisional ballots. In key states – including Florida, Ohio and North Carolina - paperless voting machines pose extreme accountability risks.

Read: How Old, Faulty Voting Machines Undermine American Democracy by Representative Hank Johnson

While the threats to democracy this year are more serious than ever, people of conscience—in Congress and in communities around the country—are mobilizing for unprecedented action inside and outside of government.

The stakes in 2016 are higher than ever. With the issues of mass incarceration, poverty, immigration reform, social, gender, economic and environmental justice in balance, the consequences of electoral malfeasance are incalculable.

We cannot allow voter suppression to be the new norm. We must build a resistance movement to fight back against this new Jim Crow, and we must restore the Voting Rights Act.