Forms of Voter Suppression

  1. Strict voter photo ID laws

  2. Closing of DMV’s in strict voter ID states

  3. Failure to accept government-issued state university and college student ID’s

  4. No early voting

  5. Early voting cuts

  6. Harsh requirements/punishments for voter registration groups

  7. Tough Deputy Registrar Requirements

  8.  Harsh voter registration Compliance Deadlines 

  9. Failure to process voter registrations

  10. Cuts to Election Day (Same Day) registration

  11. Polling place reductions

  12. Polling place relocations

  13. Failure to accept Native American tribal IDs.

  14. Barring Native American voters through residential address requirements for Native American lands which have PO Boxes

  15. Failure to place polling sites on Native American lands

  16. Failure to place polling sites on college campuses

  17. Lack of transportation to polls

  18. Voter purging

  19. Disparate racial treatment at polling sites

  20. Student voting restrictions

    • Residency

  21. Ex-felon disenfranchisement laws

  22. Inactive voter lists

  23. Language discrimination

    • Failure to accommodate

  24. Lack of language-accessible materials

  25. Failure to accommodate voters with disabilities

  26. Deceptive practices

    • Flyers

    • Robocalls

27. Voter intimidation

• Impersonating law enforcement personnel or immigration officers

28 Police at polling places

29. Racial gerrymandering

30. Partisan gerrymandering

31. Barriers for homeless voters

32. Voter caging

• Post cards

33. Voter challengers at polls

34. Voter challengers to voter registration lists

35. Suspense lists

36. Exact match requirements

37. Out-of-precinct = no vote counted requirements

38. Failure to register high school students

39. Restrictions on straight-party voting

40. Interstate voter registration Crosscheck system

41. Jailed persons’ preconviction: denied right to register and/or vote

42. DOJ demanding voter records

43. Employers not providing time off or enough time

44. Failure to assist or accommodate displaced voters.

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