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People's Democracy Conference

  • National Press Club 529 14th St NW Washington DC (map)

LOCATION: 529 14th St NW - Ballroom -Washington, DC 20004

We’re hitting the ground running! We MUST not only wage a defensive war for our voting rights again, but we MUST wage a bold, inclusive, and an offensive campaign.  Together, we will and we must prevail.

The Voting Rights Alliance, a collaboration of organizations fighting all forms of voting justice, is holding an emergency People's Democracy Conference. The People's Democracy Conference is seen as one of several key events in building and strengthening the nation wide resistance movement to voter suppression, racism and the horrific appointments and policies of the Trump Administration.  The Conference is designed in both a hearing and roundtable format featuring three substantive panels of witnesses, hearing commissioners, and a luncheon roundtable of the Voting Rights Alliance leaders. At the end of the Conference, we will March on the Trump Transition Headquarters (7 blocks away). 

Our focus is on discussing key strategies which we can jointly pursue in protecting our democracy and its most vulnerable people. The People's Conference will consist of the following panels: 

Panel I: Testimony About 2016 Voter Suppression in the States of North Carolina, Michigan, Wisconsin and Arizona, plus the impact of the Cross Check Program

Panel II: Testimony About 2016 Voting Machine Insecurity and Failures

Panel III: Develop Action and Policy Recommendations

a) Fighting Voter Suppression and Racism

b) Best Strategies for making paper ballots universal, best practices for counting the vote and best practices for auditing the vote

c) Fighting Trump Administration white supremacist appointees to defeat confirmation

d) Fighting policies which threaten civil rights; women's reproductive rights; climate justice; workers’ rights; public assistance; affordable healthcare

e) Winning strategies for the 2017 and 2018 Elections.  

4) Inspire and Motivate activists and concerned citizens. 

Conference attendees are being requested to pay $10-$25; but, no one will be turned away from attending based on registration.